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SACE Megamax F

Air circuit breaker series launched in 1990, was available in different versions and is now obsolete

SACE Megamax F series had six frames available (F1-F2-F3-F4-F5-F6) covering uninterrupted rated currents Iu from 1250 to 6300A with breaking capacity Icu up to 130kA at 415V AC.
These circuit breakers offered high performances up to 690V AC and 1000V AC/DC with the special series E.
SACE Megamax was equipped with electronic relay: PR1 series (with display) and AR1 series (analogue) for alternating current; EG series for direct current. 
The relay increased the possibility of interaction and dialogue and, for the first time, enabled to monitor the wear of contacts, the number of operations and the electrical parameters.

Service solutions

 Retrofit kits
 - Direct Replacement Megamax F1…F4 (closed door) with Emax 2
 - Direct Replacement Megamax (Open Door) F1/F2 with New Emax (IEC)
 - Hard Bus Retrofill Megamax F1..F6 with Emax 2
 - Cradle in Cradle Megamax F5 with Emax 2 (IEC)
 Maintenance and repairs
 - Preventive maintenance
 - Corrective maintenance
 Spare parts
 Factory reconditioning
 - Limitation on available spare parts

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