SACE Modul

Moulded case circuit breaker series launched in 1980, was available in different versions and is now obsolete

SACE Modul series of low voltage moulded case circuit-breaker was suitable for:

  • Rated uninterrupted current Iu from 100A to 3200A
  • Rated breaking capacities Icu up to 120kA at 380/415V AC

The series was composed of 9 physical frames: SRN-SRH 100-125, SN100-3200, SNR160, SH100-3200 and the derived versions are the following:

  • Switch disconnector series: SM1, SM2, SM3, SM4, SM5, SM5/M with Iu from 100A to 3200A
  • Residual current circuit breaker series: SRN-SRN, SN-SH with RCS10-16-25 with Iu up to 250A
  • Special circuit breaker SH630/M for mines: with nominal current Iu up to 630A at 1000V AC

Service solutions

 Retrofit kits
 - Direct Replacement with Tmax/Tmax XT (IEC)

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