Power Break* II insulated case circuit breakers

Ease of use, aesthetics and state-of-the-art performance

Power Break II are highly compact, heavy-duty UL-489 breakers in 200 through 4000 amp frame sizes, rated for up to 200,000 amps RMS symmetrical at 240 V AC, in draw-out and stationary versions.

  • Compact size for space savings
    Power Break II breakers offer a compact, lightweight design and flush-mounted pump handle. Manually and electrically operated versions come in the same compact envelope. Double-insulated ON/OFF buttons enhance safety.
  • Easy to select, install and use
    Features such 72-point, pre-wired, dedicated secondary terminals, a modular, field-installable motor operator and modular auxiliary switches with up to 12 sets of NO/NC contacts make installation easy. Modular drop-in accessories are common to all frame sizes. Manual discharge of springs without closing and charge-after-close mechanism add convenience. In addition, these breakers are suitable for reverse feed. Retrofit kits are available to add Power Break II breakers into a stationary Power Break I space (see instruction manual DEH-41502).
  • Exceptional performance
    Power Break II circuit breakers are available with the EntelliGuard* TU trip unit, which provides excellent selectivity and arc flash energy protection. In addition, it features a reduced energy let-through (RELT) setting.

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