TEY lighting panel circuit breakers

Molded case circuit breakers for lighting panelboards

TEY circuit breakers have dependable and effective thermal-magnetic trip units with time-current curves designed for easy coordination with upstream main devices. They offer short-circuit ratings to 65 kA at 480/277 V AC and 100 kA at 240 V AC.

  • Cost-effective protection
    The dependable, economical thermal-magnetic trip system is ambient compensating. Multiple short circuit tiers (TEY 14 kA, TEYF 18 kA, TEYD 25 kA, TEYH 35 kA and TEYL 65 kA) allow for the most cost-effective ratings for the specific application.
  • Space-saving design
    15 to 125 amp units in 1-, 2- and 3-pole versions offer 25.4 mm (1 inch) per-pole spacing.
  • Versatility to suit different applications
    Two- and three-pole breakers may be fitted with a range of internal accessories, such as shunt trip, undervoltage release, auxiliary switch or bell alarm. When fitted to the three-pole mounting base, the TEY family circuit breakers can be used in unit-mount/lug–lug-type installations.

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