Ekip View

Ekip View is a supervision software for devices connected to a communication network that uses Modbus RTU or Modbus TCP protocol.

It is the ideal tool for all applications requiring:

  • remote control of the system,
  • monitoring of power consumption,
  • fault detection of the system,
  • allocation of energy consumption to the different processes and departments,
  • preventive planning of maintenance.

Here below main features:

  • Engineering free and ready to use software. Ekip view guides the user in the recognition and configuration of the protection units without the need for any supervision system engineering activities.
  • Dynamic mimic panel. After automatic scanning of the network, for each of the devices found, Ekip View proposes a dynamic symbol that summarizes the most important information (status, electrical measurements, alarms). The extensive library of electrical symbols enables the entire electrical system to be depicted in detail.
  • Analysis of trends. Instantaneous and past trends for currents, powers and power factors are represented graphically and can be exported into Microsoft Excel for detailed analysis.
  • Reports. Advanced reports can be generated about system and communication network diagnostics. Thanks to the Alarm dispatcher option, the user can receive the most important indications via SMS or e-mail.
  • Access via web to the installation, thanks to Ekip View Web Server functionality.
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