SACE Tmax T - PV

Keeping ahead of the photovoltaic application trends

The SACE Tmax PV range of molded-case circuit-breakers and switch-disconnectors for photovoltaic applications offers an increasingly comprehensive, leading-edge solution that anticipates the market trends.
Global leader in this area, ABB continues to update its range by proposing a series of products to UL and IEC Standards for protecting and isolating systems up to 1500V DC and 800V AC, thereby anticipating and leading the most advanced PV plant construction trends. The goal is to enhance the energy efficiency and running economy of the photovoltaic plants thanks to a decisive increase in operating voltage in both the DC and AC sections.
Ideal for protecting combiners, switchgears and inverters on the DC side, the new IEC compliant SACE Tmax PV molded-case circuit-breakers range now cover capacities up to 1500V DC and 100 to 250A rated operating current.
The portfolio has been expanded to include new molded-case circuit-breakers and switch-disconnectors type-approved to UL489B Standard designed for 1500V DC installations with rated current up to 1200A.
For photovoltaic systems where use of string inverters is prevalent, the SACE Tmax PV range now proposes a series of circuit-breakers for applications up to 800V AC type-approved to UL 489 specifications and compliant with IEC 60947-2 Standard.
These circuit-breakers are able to break short-circuit current up to 32kA, depending on their size.
With the added advantage that all products can be perfectly integrated with the electrical and mechanical accessories from the SACE Tmax T molded-case circuit-breaker range.


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