Fire Barrier PMA solution with Roxtec

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This solution of PMA fire barrier adapter is designed to be used in combination with Roxtec wall seating systems.
The combined PMA and Roxtec components provide a complete wall transit feed through system for cables and wires within a cable protection system providing protection against all kinds of mechanical and environmental influences. The components are easy to install and guarantee beyond E30 fire stop rating according to EN45545-3 for wall, roof and floor installations.

The Roxtec RM PPS sealing module is a customized solution produced to order. Combined with a PMA 30mmm or 60mm fire barrier adapter it can easily be adapted to seal PMA conduits of various sizes in a wide range of applications achieving an E60 rating according to EN 45545-3. The intumescent material in the PMA fire barrier adapter expands upon exposure to high temperatures sealing wall transits. The solution is easy to install and due to its compact size can reduce the weight of the complete solution.

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