PMA TRUST™ modular support system

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PMA TRUST™ modular support system is a lightweight, compact solution with high impact resistance. Thanks to the new design, external dimensions are reduced the very minimum and internal spacing between adjoining conduits is very small. Each element can hold different combinations of both, conduits and cables in various sizes.

The new modular support system offers total flexibility in terms of installation complying with all kinds of installation requirements. Each element can host different combinations of both conduits and cables, in various and different sizes, so that cable routing is made easy regardless of its complexity.

The single rib fixation provides a high axial retention force and compatibility with both coarse and fine profile conduits. Conduits are able to rotate in the fixation preventing torsion stresses to conduits in moving systems.

The PMA TRUST modular support system is compatible with all PMAFLEX, PMAFL EX Pro and PMA Smart Line conduits.


Your key benefits with the PMA TRUST modular support system
• Light weight, compact design with high impact resistance
• Quick installation, possible with one hand
• Conduit rotation possible, preventing torsion
• Reduction half shell for conduits of smaller size



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