CR460 series lighting contactors

The ultimate in versatility, simplicity and performance

All CR460 series lighting contactors deliver unprecedented versatility in application, simplicity in configuration and performance in operation. Their revolutionary design and unique features meet most lighting control needs better than ever before.   Modular Kit design for easy configuration changes.


  • Wide range of options for versatility
    Modular solution capable of  2 to 12 power poles, convertible NO/NC, each pole with a 30 amp rating. Both electrically and mechanically held versions use common components for simplicity. Continuously rated coils are interchangeable.


  • Fast and easy on-site configuration
    CR460 series lighting contactors feature a modular design with snap-in auxiliary contacts and finger-safe terminals for enhanced safety. Modular kits allow to add pole, change NO / NC settings and convert to mechanically held.

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