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'U' bolt rod clamp (Type E)

Corrosion resistance, conductivity and mechanical strength are essential considerations in clamp design to ensure an earthing system remains operative for many years.

Featuring a superior strength clamp, this Furse® U Bolt clamp is designed to provide a high quality, low resistance connection between flat tape or stranded conductor and earth rod or reinforcing bar.

Product details

  • Manufactured from high copper alloy, offering excellent mechanical strength, corrosion resistance and conductivity
  • Offering a solid, non-permanent connection for smaller scale earthing system installations where periodic connection testing may be required
  • CR320 & CR326 include additional plate to allow tape to be clamped without drilling
  • Available in a range of sizes


  • Lightning protection product standard IEC/BS EN 62561-1
  • Lightning protection system components (LPSC) Part 1: Requirement for connection components
  • Clamps suitable for electrical installations meet the material requirements of BS 7430
  • UL 467 (CR305)