Cable to rod clamp (Type GUV)

Corrosion resistance, conductivity and mechanical strength are essential considerations in clamp design to ensure an earthing system remains operative for many years.

Featuring a stainless steel or copper U bolt, the GUV clamp is designed to provide a corrosion resistant, low resistance connection between a solid circular or stranded conductor and an earth rod or reinforcing bar.

Features & benefits:

  • Made to standard
    Furse U Bolt Rod Clamps have been suitably tested to:
    - Lightning protection product standard IEC/BS EN 62561-1
    - Lightning protection system components (LPSC) Part 1:
    Requirement for connection components
    - Clamps suitable for electrical installations meet the material requirements of BS 7430
  • Versatile installation
    Available in a range of sizes, helping to secure all variations of solid circular or stranded conductor and earth rod/rebar connections
  • Superior Strength
    Offering a solid, non-permanent connection for smaller scale earthing system installations where periodic connection testing may be required


  • See datasheet below for full details
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