Design, planning & technical solutions

The Furse technical services team actively participates in the development of national and international standards, offering the ideal starting point for customers confronted by the challenges found in complex lightning protection projects.

Technical solutions advice, support and design
Furse have been providing design solutions for over 125 years and believe the fundamental ingredient to our success has been sharing our expertise with clients for informed decision-making.

Using the latest computer aided design software, our engineers can produce detailed or budgetary earth electrode and lightning protection system designs, in compliance with any given standard and whatever the complexity of system required.

Specialist advice from our fully qualified technical engineers - focusing on your earthing & lightning protection issues and concerns.

Experience to provide the optimum design - one that doesn’t use more material than is necessary, saving you money.

Our knowledge of the latest products ensures a tailored design that can be installed using the most appropriate and up-to-date products.

Compliance, now & in the future
Furse designs comply with all recognized standards - national and international. Our engineers actively contribute to national and harmonized European / international standards, ensuring we remain at the forefront of new developments.

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