Enclosed bypass switches

For ventilation fans with variable speed drives in poultry farms

ABB's enclosed bypass switches (25…40 A) keep your operations running. They provide a reliable, simple and safe way of bypassing equipment in case of malfunction or when maintenance is needed.

The enclosed bypass switches are suitable for fans with variable speed drives (VSD) used in poultry farms. The bypass switches offer a way to minimize downtime resulting of probable VSD failure and keep the fans running.

Robust design

The bypass switch has been designed for safe and reliable performance in environments with electromagnetic disturbances (EMC). The enclosures have ingress protection IP65 and are made of high-quality, corrosion free, UV-resistant material, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Easy installation

The bypass switch is an all-in-one solution that is easy to install and saves space.
The required hardware is included in the delivery: jumper cable kit, EMC connectors and a wall mounting provision. The delivery includes 3 auxiliary contacts available for routing additional signals (signaling if the switch is at bypass).

Safety and protection

The switch has a clear three position indication (I-Frequency inverter, O-OFF, II-Bypass). It has also a provision for mounting a voltage monitoring relay (not included in delivery) inside the enclosure.

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