System pro E® energy

Beyond connected, with simple and flexible configuration

The comprehensive System pro E® energy range is ideally suited for commercial and industrial environments. The platform includes wall-mounted and floor-standing sheets steel cabinets, offering protection degrees against dust and water up to IP43 and IP55. A common interior fitting and busbars for the complete platform, allows the users to easily integrate all types of ABB low voltage electrical devices, to build distribution panels up to 800A.

The range has been developed for simple and easy configuration and provides maximum flexibility to the panel builder and installer, to build the distribution board for any application. System pro E® energy is simple in planning, quick in assembly and safe in application.

The System pro E® energy range includes two types of cabinets and one internal configuration system.

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Main benefits

Easy, simple and flexible
  • Wide range of enclosure dimensions
  • Wide range of modules for different types of ABB electrical devices
  • Several possibilities of wiring methods and cable entries, using different types of cable flanges and accessories
  • Same interior fitting, doors, plinths and accessories for IP43 and IP55 types of cabinets
  • User-friendly configurator "eConfigure"
Safe for users, reliable and sturdy
  • Certified electrical distribution solutions up to 800 A according IEC61439 -2/-3 & IEC62208
  • High short-circuit resistance
  • High IP and IK protection degrees
  • Safety glass, no sharp edges, segregation up to Form 2b
  • Innovative packaging concept for optimum protection during transportation
  • Rigid cabinets for stand-alone and coupled panels
Quick assembly
  • Fixation of Internal supports and flanges without tools
  • Pre-assembled ¼ turn screws for cover plates
  • Reduced number of screws
  • Only one type of screwdriver required
  • Easy coupling of cabinets
  • Wide space for wiring
  • Frame allowing the removal of all cover plates at the same time
  • Reversible door, ready to be assembled without any tools
  • Easy fixation of the base

Product offering

System pro E® energy L

Tailored and proven wall-mounted and floor-standing sub distribution boards up to 800 A. Delivered in flat kits, System pro E® energy L provides a protection degree up to IP43 (IP30 without the door).

System pro E® energy M

Monoblock cabinet with attachable side panels, available in both configurations: wall-mounted and floor-standing. System pro E® energy M sub distribution boards provide a protection degree up to IP55 (IP30 without the door).

System pro E® energy Combi

The common internal configuration system facilitates the installation of a wide range of ABB Low Voltage devices based on its modular system, delivered in flat packs.

Configure System pro E® energy using ABB Connect Partner Hub

  • Configuration and engineering of your sub distribution board and many other products
  • Access relevant product information such as busbar design details, technical drawings, bill of materials output, prices etc.
  • Create, design and collaborate in real time with fellow collaborators and fast track your plans to implementation

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