ArTu Panelboard

Electrify your power plant in an instant

ArTu PB Panelboard is a simple and quick mounted power distribution panel up to 1250A. This board’s system allows to perform quick electro-montage of a switchgear directly on the power plant almost in instant out of few components. It makes this product attractive to sell maintaining the stock with ease.

Particular feature of this board is a high security level of the service personal for such kind of compact distribution segment. Simple and quick maintenance without long-term blackout hours and no way to get hit by live parts are the additional positive features.

The fact, that it does not require assembler to perform any additional tests, because of the high-level panels' readiness, evokes attractiveness of the offer. In few words, installer should only implement into electrical network already factory pre-made switchgear and fit it with outgoing MCCB feeders prescribed by designer.

Panelboard distribution panel is tested according to IEC 60439-1 / 61439-1-2 and UL67, has a conformity certificates of LOVAG/ACAE and UL homologation.

  • Rated service voltage - Ue up to 690 V;
  • Rated insulation voltage - Ui up to 1000 V;
  • Rated impulse withstand voltage - Uimp 8 kV;
  • Rated short-circuit short-time Withstand current - Icw up to 65 kA;
  • Rated short-circuit peak current - Ipk up to 110 kA;
  • Degree of protection - IP43;
  • Compatibility with 1/3/4 poles T1-XT1, T3-XT3, T4, T5, T6, T7 MCCBs;
  • Option with or without incoming breaker.

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ArTu PB Panelboard
ArTu PB Custom Panelboard
ArTu PB Pan Assembly

ArTu PB Panelboard

Completely assembled panel with the distribution busbar along with the earthing and grounding conductors and plugin busbar connections of the breakers to be fitted with incoming breakers XT3 (250A) or T5 (400 and 630A) or T6 (800A) and outgoing devices as T1-XT1 or T3-XT3.

ArTu PB Custom Panelboard

Partly assembled panel with the distribution busbar along with the earthing and grounding conductors and to be fitted with plugin busbar connections to incoming breakers XT3 (250A), T5 (400 and 630A), T6 (800A) T7 (1250A) and outgoing devices T1 single pole, T1-XT1 and T3-XT3 and T2 and T4, T5.

ArTu PB Pan Assembly

The Pan Assembly option allows you to design your own customized switchboard. It is available in three sizes with 6, 12, 16 and 18 outgoing ways. It comprises mounting plate with the distribution busbars on it along with the earthing and grounding conductors to be fitted with enclosure and relevant breakers. There are an option for incoming breaker from 250A to 800A of three or four pole and outgoing feeders.

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