Temperature monitoring relays

Two ranges of temperature monitoring relays meet the needs of your applications

ABBs portfolio of temperature monitoring relays is designed to measure the temperatures of solids, liquids and gaseous media using a variety of different sensors. Temperature monitoring relays are used in a wide array of applications. In conjunction with temperature sensors, such as PT100, PT1000, NTC or PTC sensors, they monitor the temperature of electric motors, control cabinets, busbars and protect transformers from overheating.

The portfolio consists of the following devices:  
  - Smart: a range of innovative temperate monitoring relays, which can be set up either via a back-lit LCD or smartphone app. This type of devices includes variants with embedded Modbus RTU communication interface enabling ABB‘s AbilityTM Energy and Asset Manager.
  - Analog: a range of well-established and proved temperature monitoring relays. The settings such as temperature threshold and hysteresis can be configured easily using front-facing potentiometers adjustment. 

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Web page CM-TCNThe innovative temperature monitoring relays CM-TCN and CM-TCS can be set up exactly as you need, either via a back-lit LCD or smartphone app. Parametrization and configuration are just one touch away with the ABB EPiC app – even in a non-powered state – reducing installation time by 80%. And with just one relay covering a wide range of application, stocks can be reduced significantly, making ABB’s Smart monitoring relays a true game changer. 



ABB’s well-established CM-TCS relay range monitors and measures the temperatures of solids, liquids and gaseous media using a variety of different sensors. Overtemperature and undertemperature monitoring as well as open- or closed-circuit principle monitoring can be configured for any device quickly and easily. 
When the temperature falls below or exceeds the set threshold value, output relays change position according to your configured functionality and the front-face LEDs show the current status. 
Discover how CM-TCS temperature monitoring relays can help protect your application.


Main benefits
• Down time and commissioning time reduced
• Engineering time savings
• Selection time reduction


Main features

• Different sensor types e.g. PT100
• Different monitoring functions, including over-/undertemperature, window monitoring
• All configurations and adjustments are via front face controls
• One or two threshold values
• Open- or closed-circuit principles easily configurable
• Short-circuit monitoring and interrupted wire detection
• Screw connection or Easy Connect push-in technology available 



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