Voucher code instructions

Voucher: Remote access through MyBuildings Portal

Follow this guide to redeem your voucher code.

Go here for further information on how to enable remote access on your Smart Phone.

Step 1: If not done yet, please register an Account at mybuildings.abb.com

Step 2: Redeem your voucher code
Step 2.1

Login to your account at mybuildings.abb.com and go to the “My Home” section

Step 2.2

Go to the “ABB-free@home” section

Step 2.3

Go to “Extensions & Links” tab

Step 2.4

Click on “Subscribe” for the remote access service


Step 2.5

Type in your voucher code and click on “Redeem voucher”

Step 2.6

Click on “Complete order”

Step 2.7

Type in your e-mail address to receive an order confirmation

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