Fuse bases OFAZ and OFAX

The fuse bases can be used in combination with NH fuse-links according to IEC 60269-2 and DIN VDE 0636-2 and solid links.

Safety and protection
Fuse bases offer a compact and simple solution for application of fuses as protective elements in low voltage applications and are characterized by galvanically silver plated contacts providing reliable and high performing contact characteristics. OFAZ and OFAX fuse bases are available as open types or fully protected IP20 versions.

Easy to install
Plastic fuse bases OFAZ and OFAX for NH fuses are suitable for screw mounting. A wide range of cable terminals make the installation easy and fast. Replacement is compatible to similar types in the market.

Affordable range
Affordability has been one of the key objectives for this device. The available functionalities have been carefully selected to meet market requirements without added niche features that would elevate price. It is simple, reliable and functional.

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