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European standards

Below is a list of the relevant European and Dutch standards.

NEN-EN 1838: Lighting applications - Emergency lighting
This standard defines the lighting regulations with which emergency lighting in buildings must comply. NEN-EN 1838 provides specific and clear requirements regarding situations and responsibilities for the design of an emergency lighting system and must be read in conjunction with the most recent version of the Buildings Decree and the Working Conditions Act.

NEN-EN-ISO 7010: Graphical symbols - Safety colours and safety signs - Registered safety signs (including symbols)
This standard describes the safety symbols and colours, including globally current and accepted pictogram for escape route signage. Since early 2013 the Dutch standard NEN 6088 has been cancelled and incorporated into NEN 3011, which makes reference to NEN-EN-ISO 7010.

NEN-EN 50172: Emergency escape lighting systems
This standard defines: the preparation of an emergency lighting plan, the performance of inspection and maintenance and the commencement of the logbook. This standard must be read in conjunction with NEN-EN 1838 and NEN-EN-ISO 7010.

NEN-EN 50171: Central power supply systems
This standard specifies the product requirements with which centralised emergency lightings power systems have to comply. This standard is used as the fundamental for the approval bodies. 

NEN-EN-IEC 60598-2-22: Luminaires - Part 2-22: Particular requirements - Luminaires for emergency lighting
This standard specifies the product requirements with which emergency light fittings have to comply. This standard is used as the fundamental by accredited approval bodies such as DEKRA (formerly KEMA). The standard requires, for example, that luminaires must comply with the 850oC glow-wire test (flame extinguishing capability).

NEN 1010: Safety requirements for low-voltage installations
NEN 1010 also specifies the requirements with which an emergency lighting system has to comply. In addition to escape route lighting, NEN 1010 also specifies emergency lighting for what are known as critical rooms.

NEN 2443: Design standards and recommendations on parking facilities for passenger cars
This standard specifies functional and performance requirements for car parks and parking and storage garages for passenger cars. Amongst other things, it specifies emergency lighting for emergency exits and specific LUTO (light out text invisible) luminaires that are activated when gas is detected.

In addition to these standards there are a number of Dutch regulations applicable to emergency lighting, such as: ISSO publication 79 (inspection and maintenance of emergency lighting systems) and publication 79.1 (design and installation of emergency lighting systems and escape route signs for buildings).