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Click on the required drawing number for the right connection diagram.

Drawing nr. Description
LNR-001 Emergency
LNR-002 Ballast, 1xFL, 1xStarter
LNR-003 Ballast, 1xFL, 1xStarter/lamp holder
LNR-004 Ballast, 2xFL, 2xStarter
LNR-005 HF-Ballast, 1xFL, 3 wires
LNR-006 HF-Ballast, 1xFL, 4 wires
LNR-007 HF-Ballast, 2xFL, 3 wires
LNR-008 HF-Ballast, 2xFL, 4 wires
LNR-009 HF-Ballast, 2xFL, 6 wires (parallel)
LNR-010 HF-Ballast, 2xFL, 6 wires (serial)
LNR-011 HF-Ballast, 2xFL, 7 wires
LNR-012 HF-Ballast, 2xFL, 8 wires
LNR-013 HF-Ballast, 3xFL, 8 wires
LNR-014 HF-Ballast, 3xFL, 9 wires
LNR-015a HF-Ballast, 4xFL, 10 wires
LNR-016 HF-Ballast, 4xFL, 11 wires
LNR-017 HF-Ballast, 4xFL, 12 wires (parallel)
LNR-018 HF-Ballast, 4xFL, 12 wires (serial)
LNR-019 Ballast, 2xFL, 2xStarter/lamp holder (tandem)
LNR-020 Internal relay contacts
LNR-021a HF-Ballast, 4xFL, 10 wires (Philips)
LNR-022 HF-Ballast, 2xFL, 7 wires (Osram QTP)
LNR-023a HF-Ballast, 4xFL, 10 wires (Philips)
LNR-023b HF-Ballast, 4xFL, 10 wires (Philips)
LNR-024 HF-Ballast, 2xFL, 7 wires (Osram QTP)
LNR-025 HF-Ballast, 3xFL, 8 wires (B.A.G SCS18.3)
LNR-026 HF-Ballast, 3xFL, 9 wires (Osram QTP)
LNR-027 HF-Ballast, 3xFL, 10 wires (Philips HFP)
LNR-028 HF-Ballast, 3xFL, 8 wires (Philips QTP)