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Warranty and terms & conditions ABB VanLien

Warranty periods
Type  Period
LED emergency lighting luminaires (excluding batteries)
5 years
Solo product line 2 years
Other emergency lighting luminaires (excluding starter
and fluorescent tube)
4 years
Batteries for decentralized emergency lighting luminaires 4 years
Batteries Solo product line 2 years
Conversion modules built-in by ABB/VanLien 2 years
Other conversion modules 1 year
Central battery systems including batteries 2 years

The above warranty periods comes into effect on the production date. In the event of an intervention by ABB/VanLien during the warranty period, the original warranty period will not be extended nor renewed.

ABB/VanLien guarantees that the abovementioned products are free of defects caused by the use of inferior materials or construction errors in the product itself, during the warranty period applicable to that product.

The warranty entails that ABB/VanLien will repair the defect or replace the product, this solely at the discretion of ABB/VanLien. The warranty only covers the costs of the materials supplied by ABB/VanLien. Other costs (such as, but not limited to, transport costs, travel and accommodation costs, as well as assembly and disassembly costs) are for your expense.

The warranty only applies if you can convincingly demonstrate, to the satisfaction of ABB/VanLien, that the products are inspected and maintained according to the installation and maintenance instructions of ABB/VanLien and the ISSO publication 79 “Inspectie & Onderhoud” (Inspection & Maintenance).

Insofar as legally permitted, the warranty in this agreement replaces all warranties determined by law and comprises the full liability of ABB/VanLien in relation to the quality and warranty of the product supplied.

Any right to warranty will lapse if:

  1. Defects in the product are not reported to ABB/VanLien in writing as soon as possible and within 14 days after the detection at the latest;
  2. The installation of the product was carried out by an unauthorized installer and/or that the installation was not carried out according to the general and local regulations valid at that time and/or the installation instructions provided by ABB/VanLien;
  3. The defects are the result of errors, incompetent use and/or use in conflict with the applicable user's instructions and/or instructions from ABB;
  4. The use of the product is in conflict with its normal use, or in conflict with the agreed upon or customary purpose, such as, but not limited to, exceeding the allowed ambient temperature;
  5. Work has been done on the products supplied by ABB/VanLien without the written permission of ABB/VanLien;
  6. Parts are applied that were purchased from third parties, unless ABB/VanLien have given their explicit written permission beforehand;
  7. You do not, not adequately or timely, observe any obligation towards ABB/VanLien arising from the agreement.

Any costs incurred by ABB/VanLien to assess the warranty issue are for your expense if the warranty is not deemed applicable.

Shipments for repair will only be accepted after ABB/VanLien have agreed to this in writing. For this purpose you can request a repair number from the ABB Customer Service Department. Goods to be repaired and that are returned to us must be adequately packed and delivered at our factory carriage paid, where the risk of transport is to be borne by the sender. 

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