DRAF enclosed DOL starter

Experience reliable and easy to install motor starting

DRAF is an enclosed direct-on-line starter embedding AF technology. It is used for motor starting up to 7, 5 kW and 10 hp and complies with both IEC and UL/CSA standards. TF42 thermal overload relays for motor protection should be selected separately according to motor's nominal current.

Main benefits 

  • Complying with IEC and UL/CSA standard ensuring global availability
  • Improve installation efficiency with prewired control circuit and an easy to follow wiring instructions
  • Reliable in harsh conditions thanks to a robust enclosure
  • AF contactor manage voltage fluctuation, chattering free and secure your uptime.

Main features

  • From 4 to 7,5 kW, 400 V AC-3 and 10 hp, 480 V, with AF contactor inside 
  • IP66 and type 4X enclosure, double electrical insulation
  • High number of electrical and mechanical operations
  • Thermal overload protection with TF42
  • Metric or imperial cable entries

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