CP-S.1 power supply range

High efficiency and reliability delivered in a compact footprint

CP-S.1 power supplies: high efficiency and reliability delivered in a compact footprint. Designed for a huge variety of applications, including machine building segments, this advanced range boosts an integrated 150 % power reserve for five seconds and operates at an efficiency of up to 94 %. With overheat protection, active power factor correction (120 W up to 960 W variant), a broad certified AC and DC input voltage range and extensive worldwide approvals including marine, the all-new CP-S.1 power supplies are a preferred choice for multiple industrial applications. 


Main benefits

- Complete 24 V DC offering from 3 A up to 40 A in metal enclosure suits perfectly to OEM machine         building requirements
- Saves the valuable installation space of the control cabinet due to compact design and high                  efficiency
- Coated PCBA and marine certification enables usage for e.g. wind, solar, marine applications
- Additional redundancy unit CP-C.1-A-RU available to establish true redundancy

Main features

- Space-saving design and small footprint
- Rated supply voltage range from 100-240 V AC / 100-250 V DC
- Rated output voltage  24 V DC
- Rated output current of 3.0 A, 5.0 A, 10.0 A, 20.0 A and 40.0 A
- High efficiency of up to 94 %
- Power reserve design of 150 % for 5 s to start heavy loads
- Output voltage adjustable via front-face rotary potentiometer “OUTPUT Adjust”, 24-28 V
- Low power dissipation and low heating
- Free convection cooling (no forced cooling)
- Coated PCBAs
- Open-circuit, overload and short-circuit protection
- Integrated input fuse
- DC OK - signaling output “13-14” (relay)
- CP-C.1-A-RU redundancy unit offers true  redundancy, available as accessory
- Various approvals/marks, including cULus, DNV, EAC, RCM, SEMI F47, CE, UKCA


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Complete offering:

The CP-S.1 power supply range provides a complete offering with   24 V DC output voltage from 72 W to 960 W. 


The CP-S.1 24/40.0 power supply is able to generate a 1.4 ton CO2 saving over it’s typical lifetime.  


ABB’s new CP-S.1 range enables superior system reliability with additional buffer and redundancy units.  


The robust design makes the CP-S.1 power supplies ideal for OEM machine building, marine, EV-charging,  solar and wind applications

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