Surge Protective Devices OVR PV QS range

A range especially designed to deal with the specificity of the photovoltaic installations, DC side

As installed outside, PV systems are subject to overvoltages coming from atmospheric discharges.

Further to the existing OVR PV T2 QS SPD series, ABB completes the offer by integrating the series of SPD OVR PV T1-T2 QS to extend the solution for locations with and without external Lightning Protection.

Combined Type 1 and Type 2 SPD can guarantee an overvoltage reduction to protect end equipment, whether the surge comes from a lightning strike or power grid perturbation. This is due to both its functions as Type 1 able to withstand 10/350µs waveform, the strong and powerful one, as well as Type 2 for 8/20µs waveform, to limit the voltage rise.

ABB is set to cover the main needs of large scale PV power plants: keeping the Solar production running, whatever the atmospheric discharge. This being from 600 V DC up to 1500 V DC, with prospective short circuit current up to 11kA.

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Main benefits

Main Features

  • From 600VDC for small installation to 1000VDC and 1500VDC for large scale solar farms.
  • A range of Type 1-Type 2 and Type 2 OVR PV for solar installation that are protected with External. Lightning Protection
  • IEC and UL certified range.

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