OVR PV T2 QuickSafe

The safety increasing solar productivity

SPD are now well integrated in the solar system to protect d.c and a.c sides in the aim to provide continuity of service. More and more manufacturers provide complete solution to be installed around the world and request to respect local standard and improve product safety when SPD is installed in humidity condition. Based on the market feedback we have collected these previous years, we have design the new OVR PV T2 using the QuickSafe technology to improve the performances to protect all photovoltaic system network.

Main benefits     

  • Imagine to have one SPD product code with both UL and IEC certifications. This will enable the inverter manufacturers to easily specify in their drawing for both markets. Helping them to reduce inventry as the same product can be used in both inverter types (UL and IEC). Simplified BOM easing manufacturing process
  • Imagine to have the Iscpv of the PV SPD range upto 10kA ensuring maximum safety even in large instalations and saving space and cost of using a back-up protection Fuse or MCB
  • Prevent extra cost! Designed for the future! Consultant can make his design right now with products that are complying already to the upcoming standard. No time losses to reshape an existing design
  • Last but not least: Safety without compromise! All our PV range is fitted with a patented thermal disconnection for small DC current present in PV installation and bottom wiring to prevent humidity issues

Main Features  

  • First products in the market complying with EN 50539-11 (Edition 2013 11) and certified to the last UL 1449 4ed
  • Self-protected against short circuit at the end of life of the product up to 10 KA
  • Covering all network : 600, 1000 and 1500VDC
  • TWIN version to save space in inverter/combiner boxes with multiple maximum power point tracker

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