Industrial single-phase transformers

Robust and reliable transformers to meet every need

Transformers are mainly used to supply energy at a different voltage from the network’s one and/or to obtain separation between primary and secondary circuit.

Main benefits

  • Simplicity: easy earthing
  • Easy and safe wiring
  • Flexibility: Fixing in compliance with the DIN 41307 standard by means of core welding
  • Silent operation: core welding on the entire range
  • Robustness: Windings are entirely made of enamelled copper for even more stable secondary voltage

Main features

  • TM-C Control transformer – Ideal for power supply of control and auxiliary circuits both in distribution and automation boards: full power on double secondary outputs (12 – 24V or 115 – 230V) on the whole range
  • TM-S and TM-I Safety and Isolating Transformers: Reinforced insulation between primary and secondary circuit ensures reliable operation in any application conditions and full power on all secondary outputs

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