Control switches, pushbuttons and indicator lights

Space-saving and versatile

The use of control switches, pushbuttons and indicator lights enables switching, controlling and electrical consumer indications from a central point in the switchgear. The narrow 9 mm width of the modular devices used as rail-mounted devices saves space in the splitters. Therefore, the devices are ideally suited for the realization of space-saving and modern installation options. The off switch has separator properties as per DIN EN 60669-2-4.

Main benefits

  • Small structural widths of 9 mm to 18 mm
  • Wide range with different current ratings, LED colors, button colors and contact configurations
  • Maintenance-free LED display
  • International approvals for worldwide use

Main features

  • Off switch: One to four-pole off switch for specific switching on and off of individual consumers such as lighting strings, fans, air conditioning units
  • Off switch with LED indicator: Switching individual consumers on and off with contact position indication via LED
  • Changeover: Suitable for machinery controlling with two working stages or switching positions such as level adjustments for fans or opening/closing of electrical flaps
  • Group switch: Enables switching between manual/automatic/OFF controller. suitable for controlling lighting and machinery
  • Control switch: For a variety of control tasks coming directly from the sub-distribution system
  • Button (with LED indicator): For controlling pulse-controlled consumers or surge switches; optionally available with operating status feedback via an LED indicator
  • Indicator light: Single, double or triple light indicators in different LED colors; optimally suited for indicating operating statuses, switching positions and phase control

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