Modular Transformers

The right power for your application

Transformers are devices that transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another through inductively coupled wires.

Power for SELV circuits in households, tertiary and industrial applications is supplied by transformers that guarantee separation between circuits and keep the end user protected from accidental contact. Installed on DIN-Rail, they can be integrated in consumer units and be used for discontinuous and continuous applications.

Main benefits

  • Reliability: high quality approvals guarantee compliance and safety
  • Safety thanks to perfect isolation and separation between the primary and secondary circuits
  • Innovative: Energy saving up to 50 %
  • Faster and error-proof wiring thanks to sealed terminals
  • Compactness: Save space in your switchboard thanks to the compact dimensions

Main features

  • The most complete range on the market: an offer spacing out from 8 to 2500VA
  • Installable and certified worldwide
  • Stability and preservation of the connected devices, because their correct operation is directlyconnected to a precise voltage supply
  • Installable in the most suitable position in the switchboard, thanks to the possibility of installing the transformer directly on the plate or on a DIN-Rail

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