Ground Fault Detector Interrupter

Used for GFDI applications in PV systems, the S804U-PVS5 and S804U-PVSP5 provide ground fault protection according to UL489B for 1000 VDC and UL489B (recognized) for 1500 VDC respectively.

In case of a ground fault, the breaker will trip, so that the PV generator will not be damaged

Main benefits

  • Preventing damages in the system by interruption of the leakage current
  • S804U-PVS5 tested as per UL489B for 1000 VDC
  • S804U-PVSP5 tested as per UL489B (recognized) for 1500 VDC

Main features

  • Minimum dimensions with maximum efficiency
  • Safe disconnection of all poles
  • Polarity independent
  • Fast remote controlled operation is possible together with the S800-RSU remote switching unit

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