M300 P Miniature Circuit Breakers

Discover a new level of performance, efficiency and safety

Discover a new level of performance, efficiency and safety with the M300 P miniature circuit breaker. Fully compatible with ABB's existing System pro M compact® accessories, the M300 P provides reliable short-circuit protection in demanding applications such as industrial, commercial buildings, data centers and e-mobility, reducing downtime and increasing service continuity.
In addition, the new generation M300 P offers new features such as the Trip Position Indicator (TPI), the dual DIN rail clip and a QR code for quick access to documentation, certificates and technical data. The new M300 P supports short-circuit protection only. A separate thermal overload protection element can be added separately.

Main benefits

Main features

  • 25kA breaking capacity
  • 1, 2, 3, 4 pole variants  
  • D – Characteristic (magnetic only)
  • 0,5 … 63A
  • High breaking capacity (25 kA)
  • High impulse voltage rating (6kV)
  • Increase voltage level (240/415V AC)
  • Low energy consumption
  • Full accessory portfolio available

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