S200 M UC range

ABB’s Universal Current MCB for DC and AC applications

The S200 M UC range of miniature circuit-breakers features permanent magnets on the internal arcing chutes able to extinguish an electric arc of up to 500 V DC with Icu = 4.5 kA, thus ensuring flexible control of both direct and alternating currents.

Ideal for industry application because of the high breaking capacity of 10 kA.

Available in single pole and multipoles, with rated currents from 0.2 to 63 A.

Dedicated traction range S200MTUC with special material for the fire and smoke requirements in traction.

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Main benefits


One unique device suitable to cover both AC and DC applications


Wide range with different quality approvals and different accessories

Safety and protection

MCB with high breaking capacity and a version to meet the traction standards

Main features

  • High breaking capacity for both, AC and DC currents
  • Many approvals to use the MCB all around the world
  • All current System pro M compact®accessories can be combined easily with S200 M UC and MTUC
  • Contact Position Indicator (CPI), to clearly show the position of the main contacts

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