D0 Fuse Switch Disconnector and Fuse Sockets

Protection and safety

D0 fuse switch disconnectors and fuse sockets are suitable for use with NEOZED D01/D02 fuse links. The plug-in technology enables fast start-up for D02 fuse links and D01 fuse links with a reducing piece. They are used to protect cables or consumers against short circuits and overloads. A two-part cage terminal allows easy connection of two different conductors or one line and one busbar. Thanks to their integrated terminal cover, ISS fuse holders provide touch protection as per "DGV Regulation 3".

Main benefits:

  • User-friendly connection conditions through bilateral dual-function terminal for conductors up to 35 mm²
  • Extra auxiliary switch to indicate the switching position
  • The housing is made from self-extinguishing thermoplastic
  • Extensive accessories available: D0 fuses, adapter sleeves, busbars

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