EPD24 - Selective protection of 24V DC load circuits

Increase machines uptime by choosing a reliable solution

Ensure with electronic protection devices reliable protection of standard components of industrial automation applications. With a protected application, each load is protected and operated individually to enable easy and fast troubleshooting.

The devices feature the lowest power loss on the market and an impressive performance in severe conditions. From 0.5 to 12 A in a 25mm device, seamless expandability, front-top wiring, and easy integration with most ABB devices for a consistent and affordable portfolio.

Main benefits

  • Compact size to reduce required space in cabinets
  • Energy efficient: lowest power loss
  • Save time with push-in terminals and easy expansion with jumpers 
  • Certified product for global use (UL 508 listed)


Main features

  • 4-channel electronic circuit breakers with rated voltage DC 24 V
  • Overall width of the device only 25 mm
  • Variable rated currents, adjustable from 1A – 10A (Entry) or 0.5A – 12A (Advanced)
  • Advanced electronic protection device with integrated current limitation
  • Ambient temperatures up to 60°C without derating
  • High quality components to reduce power losses to a minimum: only 5.6W @ 4 x 10A!
  • Selective load fuse protection by means of electronic cut-off characteristics
  • Switching on of capacitive loads up to 40.000 µF at rated current 12A
  • Integrated fail-safe element, adapted to the maximum rated current
  • Manual ON/OFF/reset pushbutton
  • Clear signaling by LED and signal contact
  • Reset input for remote reset of tripped channels
  • Several devices bridgeable via power jumper for power supply resp. signal bridges for 0 V, signal contact and reset

Energy efficient and selective protection in a compact size

Space saving

30% smaller
Only 25mm width, up to 4 channels, compatible with most of ABB devices formfactor.


Quickest expandability
Seamless connection with power and signal jumpers.

Energy efficiency

40% less power loss
High quality components reduce power losses to a minimum.

Extreme reliability

No derating up to 60°C
Smooth integration within any systems and long-lasting life span.

Machines and panel builder requirements tailor made solutions

Production plants

  • Food processing
  • Bottling
  • Packing
  • Manufacturing.

Heavy machinery

  • Mining
  • Moulding
  • Woodworking
  • Grinding

Chem & Pharma

  • Industrial automation
  • Processing
  • Packing


  • Cutting
  • Bending
  • Punching
  • Welding machines


Seamless integration with ABB CP-S.1 power supplies

EPD24 is a perfect companion for CP-S.1 power supplies range. 

Both designed for a huge variety of applications they perfectly fit thanks to a series of common features. Their frontal low wiring position and thin width fits perfectly into any enclosure. Plus, both devices feature the lowest power loss on the market and the same tripping behavior, allowing an unparalleled integration.

The all-new CP-S.1 power supplies are a preferred choice for multiple industrial applications:

  • Complete 24 V DC offering from 3 A up to 40 A in metal enclosure suits perfectly to OEM machine building requirements
  • Saves the valuable installation space of the control cabinet due to compact design and high efficiency
  • Coated PCBA and marine certification enables usage for e.g. wind, solar, marine applications

CP-S.1 product range

Discover more about the CP-S.1 products range and how EPD24 can be seamlessly integrated with power supplies units.

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