Busbar System 125A

The SMISSLINE TP pluggable socket system is completely fingersafe (IP2XB) – when devices are plugged in and unplugged, the system is always touch-proof. This means that SMISSLINE TP prevents any danger to personnel from switching arcs or accidental arcing.

The SMISSLINE system offers unique possibilities in the area of electrical protective equipment. People have been successfully making use of the opportunities it offers for safe, flexible, rapid installation for years, and its functionality is unsurpassed. With SMISSLINE TP, we are giving this system an additional, powerful protective component – and the existing advantages are becoming even clearer.

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Main benefits

Safety and quality

High quality execution and attention to details ensure the maximum of safety to people and assets


Time savings in planning and assembly

Easy to install

Easy "plug and play" coupling of products

Main features

  • Safe: The socket system is completely finger-safe (IP2XB)
  • Flexible: rapid replacement, easy expansion, mixed-pole layout possible
  • Economical: saves time and space thanks to the plug-in technology

Product details

Flexible and modular

Fast adaptation for extensions

Safe, versatile and rapid installation

Direct pluggable components without need of additional adapters

Complete touch-proof system

Busbars are fully covered by the socket system (IP20)

Unique application in the field of electrical protection

Time savings in planning and assembly

Flexible assembly

Single pole or multi-pole. Devices can be easily mixed and adapted.

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