Busbar System 250A

The busbars thus enable lateral 250 A power supply. This increases the range of possible applications. Especially in applications involving high-current devices, this increases the scope to realize applications. More outputs with high current levels can be positioned on the same busbar system. The power bar system is compatible with the previous directly pluggable devices.

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Main benefits

Safety and quality

High quality execution and attention to details ensure the maximum of safety to people and assets


Increase your power availability

Easy to install

Easy "plug and play" coupling of products

Main features

  • Side feed Incoming with 250A for IEC and UL applications
  • Bolt-on solution for a connection up to 150mm2
  • Safe and strong connection to Incoming molded case circuit breaker upstream

Product details

Incoming block bolt-on solution M8 up to 150 mm

IEC61439 and UL508 tested solution only for the 250A SMISSLINE TP Power Bar System

SMISSLINE DIRECT FEED with the Moulded Case Circuit Breaker XT4

Complete solution in the same enclosure: Incoming breaker and outgoing breakers: No additional wiring needed, Safe, Very Flexible


The solution is built for a vertical design with one or two busbar system in one enclosure. The new solution saves space and wiring time. This combination is tested according IEC/EN 61439-6 and UL508 as well.

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