Miniature circuit breakers for SMISSLINE TP

The SMISSLINE miniature circuit-breaker is an energy-restricting circuit-breaker that has high performance values and that is equally suitable for the industrial sector, for commercial use and for installation at home. If a short-circuit occurs, it guarantees excellent selectivity conditions to upstream overcurrent circuit breakers while the load on equipment that is connected downstream is limited to a minimum amount.

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Main benefits

Complete range

Wide choice for IEC or UL application

Continuous operation

Quick and simple handling of pluggable devices with a shorter mean time to repair (MTTR)


Rapid replacement, simple expansion capabilities

Main features

  • High rated breaking capacity of 6kA (S400E) and 10kA (S400M) acc. IEC/EN60989-1 and 25kA, 30kA and 40kA acc. IEC/EN 60947-2 (S400P)
  • Optimum ease of installation and connection
  • The pole conductors are protected against accidental contact
  • Tripping characteristic on B, C, D, K, UCZ/UCC

Product details

Easy handling with direct pluggable devices

Plug contacts can be moved easily between L1, L2 and L3. Capacities, e.g. of battery systems, can be fully utilised. A different arrangement can be set up quickly and easily. Inspection glass with phase indicator on the front of the device.

Easy adaption to your changing requirements

This pluggable Miniature circuit breaker has been designed so that changes or additions to the system can be carried out during ongoing operation.

Pole conductor indicator

Pole conductor indicator changes when the contact is moved to the rear of the device.

Product range

S400M range

MCB up to 10kA for commercial, industrial and critical power applications

S400P range

High performance MCB. Suitable for critical power applications. Rated ultimate short-circuit capacity (Icu): 40kA up to 16A, 30kA up to 40A,
20kA for 50, 63A according to IEC/EN 60947-2.

S400MUC range

MCB up to 10kA suitable AC and for DC applications. 110 VDC (1pole) 220 VDC (poles 1; 2) and 440 VDC (2pole)

SUP400 range

Dedicated range for UL & CSA applications.
For UL489 277/480 VAC

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