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Zenit is the most comprehensive modular range for all kind of homes and commercial facilities. From the internal components to the external aesthetic proposal, everything works as a single element to elevate the experience of all its users. Simplicity and geometry make Zenit a classic. The great versatility of Zenit has become a smart option both for residential proposals and for professional spaces: hotels, restaurants, shops, etc. The ease of installation, its flexibility and the complete range of functionalities allow to provide tailor-made solutions for all types of architectural projects.

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Main benefits

  • Wide range – More than 130 functions in up to 6 finishing, combinable with 3 frame designs, in 14 colors and materials; socket outlets, USB chargers, VDI outlets, temperature & light controls, signaling, protection, sound system, HA & BA
  • Eco-design - Designed following the Eco-Design ISO 14006 regulations. Made in Spain with 100% renewable energy
  • Top in design - Simple and elegant, Zenit is born with a high-rise design. With rectilinear lines, very trendy finishes and full of details that enhance its aesthetics.
  • Top in comfort - Today’s modern living spaces demand comfort in every room, Zenit offers solutions for future-oriented lifestyle in residential living environments, in hospitality facilities and commercial buildings in general

Main features

  • Multi-standard - Fitting in European, American, Asian and Italian boxes. Multi-gang and multi-modular frames.
  • Certifications available - CE, AENOR, NF, IMQ, NOM-ANCE, KC, Cم mark and EAC
  • ABB i-bus® KNX - Zenit presents a range of fully modular KNX sensors that can be combined with all the frames of the range 
  • ABB-free@home® - Integrated with ABB-free@home, intelligently transforming your home, optimizing its use and making electricity consumption efficient. The control of blinds, lighting, heating, air conditioning or communication systems are part of Zenit's proposal for smart spaces.

Zenit designs

Zenit Float
7,5 mm height. Visually lightened through the 2 piece floating effect.
Zenit Solid
7,5 mm height. Compact and firm profile. Solid effect with own personality.
Zenit Soul
4,1 mm height. The essential frame with a ultra-light profile, being one of the slimmest frames in the market.

Zenit finishes

Stainless steel frame - anthracite switches
Wenge frame - silver switches
White glass frame - white switches
Slate frame - silver switches
Black glass frame - silver switches
Graphite Glass frame - champagne switches
Champagne glass frame - anthracite switches
Pearl glass frame - white switches
Coffee glass frame - silver switches

Zenit functionalities

KNX sensors
Sound system
Voice, data, image
Light controls
Temperature controls
USB chargers
All weather
Surface mounted

Zenit Italian Standard

Frame blank for 3 modules box
Frame 1 module for 3 modules box
Frame 1 + 1 modules for 3 modules box
Frame 2 modules for 3 modules box
Frame 3 modules in 3 modules box

Frame 4 modules for 4 modules box

Frame 7 modules in 7 modules box

Zenit American and Asian standards

Frame blank for 3 modules box
Frame 1 module for 3 modules box
Frame 1 + 1 modules for 3 modules box
Frame 2 module for 3 modules box
Frame 3 modules in 3 modules box
Frame blank for 4“x4“ box
Frame 1 + 1 modules for 4“x4“ box
Frame 2 + 2 modules for 4“x4“ box
Frame 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 modules for 4“x4“ box
Frame 3 + 3 modules for 4“x4“ box
Frame 1-gang / 3 modules for 3"x3" BS box

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