ABB Ability™ Electrical Distribution Control System Dashboard provides users with an entry-level energy management solution based on a preconfigured widget. Both the compelling user interface and the intuitive and immediate availability of data help users to check up on the most relevant information related to the facility.

Single or multi-site information is processed to display energy consumption and on-site power generation trends.

Get load knowledge at a glance - from the main feeder all the way down to the lowest consumption branch of the electrical system.

Users can acquire a deep knowledge of the electrical performance through supervision of real-time power demand, peak trends, and power factor and power quality information. 

ABB Ability™ Electrical Distribution Control System Assets enables simplified and enhanced management of your low-voltage power distribution system.

Users are able to create a sketch or overview of the assets and link it to its “digital twin”. Further, users can upload custom diagrams, photos, technical drawings of switchboards and plant synoptic panels. As in the social media world, these images can be made interactive through tags and markers.

Users are now able to access, at any time, all the information they need for the devices monitored:

  • State of devices.
  • Presence of alerts or abnormal operation.
  • General parameters, such as device type, serial numbers and rated parameters.
  • Maintenance, eg, latest service operations, contact wear, number of trips, etc.
  • Electronics, such as software versions and relay information.
  • Direct links to related ABB documentation and manuals.

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