Chaves de transferência motorizadas

Uninterrupted power supply with motorized functionality

ABB offers a wide variety of open transition motorized change-over switches from 40 to 3200 Amperes in range. All of our visually redesigned motorized change-over switches now come equipped with a new cover with clear operating instructions and improved motor operator performance.

Installation     Reduced installation time
ABB motorized change-over switches are fast and easy to install.
    The voltage sensing connectors have been designed to save time,
    as there is no need to drill holes into the busbars. Also, the control
                     and power cables are screw mounted, providing a safe and secure
                     connection that stays tight even during transportation.

Safety    Safe and reliable
Our switches come equipped with a comprehensive range of inbuilt
    safety features such as mechanical interlock, which ensures the
    isolation of the two asynchronous power supplies. This eliminates
                     risk of shortcircuiting between them. The motorized change-over 
                     switches are also equipped with a handle for manual operation in
                     case of emergency.

High performance level    High performance level
Ensuring a high performance level for you is of the utmost
    importance to us. In change-over applications where the loaded
    switch may need to be operated remotely, adequate durability
                     has been ensured by testing against the IEC 60947-6-1 standard
                     in the specification of endurance requirements.  

 Spacesaving   Space-saving design 
    ABB provides compact and cost-effective components for any and
    all installations. On average, our motorized change-over switches
    are 20% smaller than other similar products on the market.           

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