Hard Bus Retrofill EntelliGuard G/Mpact/Mpact plus to Emax 2 IEC

With only few modification actions and sustainable costs, retrofitting kits are the perfect solution to improve a low voltage switchgear.

ABB has developed new hard bus retrofitting kits to replace and upgrade the GE EntelliGuard G/Mpact/Mpact plus circuit breaker with the ABB latest family of SACE Emax 2.

ABB retrofitting solutions are available for fixed EntelliGuard G/Mpact/Mpact plus and for withdrawable EntelliGuard G, circuit breakers and switch-​disconnectors.

This solution consists in the replacement of the complete old circuit breaker or switch disconnector with a new generation one without dismantle the old switchgear.

The result of this combination is a new apparatus capable to satisfy the customer’s need in the era of the industry 4.0.

    Let’s see what the value propositions are:

    Safety & Protection 

    • High quality level confirmed by certified products
    • ABB brand is associated with buying  robust design 

    Easy to install

    • Easy installation requires limitated shutdown
    • Instructional sheet is provided with the product

    Continuous operation

    • PREDICT feature in ABB Ability™ EDCS for Predictive Maintenance
    • Ekip power controller to improve energy efficiency


    Retrofitting kits allow the extension of the lifespan of your electrical system with reduction of waste material as we replace only small portion, by minimizing CO₂ emissions and raw materials usage.

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