New Advanced Emax 2 Retrofill Solutions for Legacy GE AK/AKR/WavePro Circuit Breakers

ABB can offer a new advanced retrofill solutions with Emax2 to replace legacy GE AK, AKR, and WavePro circuit breakers in legacy GE AKD-5, AKD-8, AKD-10 and OEM switchgear.    
Aging switchgear can often be a major cause of concern. Add to that the normal wear and tear on low-voltage circuit breakers to create a situation that may lead to a loss of system protection and reliability

The Emax 2 Retrofill Circuit Breaker is designed to retrofill the existing low-voltage circuit breaker compartment. It is a streamlined solution that gives the switchgear a new lease on life. Emax 2 Retrofill is replacing the existing legacy breaker with a modern breaker, that is, no cubicle bus or racking modifications are required. 
This means minimal downtime while making the change—this is indeed the main feature of a retrofill.  Completely compatible with existing legacy GE AKD-5, 8 and 10-switchgear, the Emax 2 Retrofill Circuit Breaker has the same, or even greater interrupting rating as the legacy breaker. The Retrofill circuit breaker meets the standards and testing criteria of the latest version of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), National Electrical Manufacturers’ Association (NEMA), and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc. (IEEE) and are UL 1066 listed.
In addition to providing a host of new features, the Emax 2 Retrofill solution offers the option to:

  • Increase reliability and enhance the protection of your existing electrical system without requiring a full system replacement
  • Include the Ekip trip unit for both arc flash protection and selectivity at the same time
  • Customize Ekip Touch/Hi-Touch trip units with required options by selecting packages, bundles and solutions

Let’s see what the value propositions are:

Reduced project and labor costs

  •  Retains existing switchgear structure, conduits, cabling and footprint
  •  Secondary disconnect wiring connection works without modifications to your switchgear
  •  Innovative neutral CT adapter design allows you to use existing neutral CT in your switchgear
  •  Maintains UL listings without additional charges

Minimized downtime

  •  Minimal or no cubicle modifications means less time to change out
  •  Compatible with shutters racking mechanism in existing circuit breaker cubicles
  •  Interfaces with original cubicle secondary disconnects, position switches and neutral disconnects

Protection for people and equipment

  • Exclusive Ekip Trip Unit technology uses zone selective interlocking (ZSI), Dual setting protection, reduced energy let-​through (RELT), and can reduce arc flash energy without sacrificing selectivity settings
  • Trip unit and all indicators are visible through the door; through-​the-door and remote racking helps reduce exposure to arc flash or electrical shock

Continuous operation

PREDICT feature in ABB AbilityTM ECDS for Predictive Maintenance. Reduction of the total life cost of the switchgear and spare parts availability. Diagnosis and installation with Ekip Connect Software.


Extend the lifespan of your electrical system keeping it live and efficient as-​long-as possible. Minimize CO₂ emissions and natural resources usage.

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