Life cycle management

Update for 2018

ABB low-voltage products are classified in four different product phases. These are outlined in the picture on the right, for your ease of knowledge.

Summary of main changes in this releases split in the tabs below.
Detailed LCM information can be found in the LCM status plan at the bottom of this page.

Our products

Switches & Fusegear
Motor starters & Contactors
Arc Guard System
Pilot Devices
Electronic Relays and Controls
Safety Products
Power Enclosures
Power Protection


  • New Active products added: Emax2 /ML and Ekip UP
  • Emax new /ML with PR121-122-123 will change to Classic phase on Jul.2018
  • Emax new IEC E1-6 VF with PR111VF will be available for sales up to of Jun.2018
  • PR010/T for PR1xx-PR2xx-PR3xx will be available for sales up to of Sept.2018.

Switches & Fusegear

  • New Active products added: OTM40…125_C_D automatic transfer switches (H2/2017); OFAZ00…3 fuse bases (H2/2018)
  • Active to Classic 1.7.2017: InLine: XLBM, XUBM
  • Active to Classic 1.1.2018: SLBM, BSL
  • Active to Obsolete 1.7.2017: SlimLine: XR_, 50-DC_, EFM_, XR_185_4P-ITS2:, XR_185-DC-MOT_, XR_BS-50-DC_, XR_BS-185_ITS2-MOT, XR_BS-185-4P-ITS2, XR_BS-185-DC
  • Active to Obsolete 1.10.2017: OT200…2500_H with thick silvering terminals
  • Classic to Obsolete 1.7.2017: Front operated plastic enclosed switches (SECEW)
  • Classic to Obsolete 1.1.2018: SLK Fast Line products (outside NO, SE, CN and AT)
  • Classic to Obsolete 1.1.2019: OEVA Pre charge switches
  • Limited to Obsolete 1.1.2018: OT160E switch disconnectors, except OT160E3 and E4, which still available; OETL200…315K: and OETL630…800K switch disconnectors; OS100…160D_B_ and OESA200…800 switch fuses.

Motor starters & Contactors


  • MS132-0,16 K …. 32K Manual Motor Starters, AF09 … 38 -..K Contactors up to 38 A AC-3, NF..K Contactor Relays and main accessories with push-in spring terminals will be launched in H1 2018
  • New range of Installation Contactors ESB16, 20, 25, 40, 63 and 100, as well as EN20, 25 and 40 including a common auxiliary contact EH04, will be launched in Q1 2018.

Active to Classic

  • The old range of Installation Contactors ESB20, 24, 40 and ESB63, EN20, 25 and 40 enters classic in H2 2018 (full replacement by new range).

    Limited to Obsolete

    • Manual Motor Starters MS450/451 and accessories changed into obsolete Phase in H2 2017, the range is fully replaced by MS165
    • Manual Motor Starter MS225 range entered in Obsolete in H2 2017
    • A part of the Limit switches assortment enters Obsolete phase in January 2018.

      Additional comments

      • Manual Motor Starter MS325 continues as Active products for selected applications
      • The limited phase of Manual Motor Starter MS495/496/497 has been extended until 2020
      • E range Electronic Overload relays remain available after request in limited phase.


      Announcement for 2018 - 2019

      • SNA Spring changed from limited to obsolete on 2018-Jan., SNA Spring replaced by PI-Spring ZK
      • HTP and markers from classic to limited on 2018-Jul., replaced by new generations
      • BRU 1 pole versions from limited to obsolete on 2019-Jan., replaced by DBL products
      • BAM2 grey and beige changed from limited to obsolete on 2018-Jan., replaced by BAM4.

      Arc Guard System

      • Missing accessories added to the Active products list.

      Pilot Devices

      • CL-1 and KA2 stay Active with no termination date
      • L-mark products (*-L) stay Classic until 2018-07
      • M4SS and CMEP become Classic 2018-01.

      Electronic Relays and Controls

      Active Products

      • New Gridfeeding Monitoring Relays CM-UFD.M3xM with Modbus RTU communication
      • New EthernetIP EIU32.0 communication interface for UMC100.3
      • New UMC100.3 variants with coated PCBs
      • Life cycle planning for CT-E updated
      • Life cycle planning for ILPH 232-485/ETH updated
      • Life cycle planning for CC-U / CC-E updated. Short term actions for these products required!
      • Life cycle planning for few R600 types updated.

      Non Active Products

      • Life cycle planning for CM-KRN / CM-WDS updated.

      Safety Products

      “Last buy date” of July 2018:

      • Black NBR bumpers
      • Fox footpedal
      • ASi cable PUR
      • Dalton bracket 3-6.

      Power Enclosures

      Artu K: 

      • Kits for Tmax T2 and T3 change to obsolete on 01.01.2018; last buy opportunity 01.01.2018
      • Kit X1 change to limited on 01.01.2018
      • Frame codes change to limited on 01.01.2018
      • Busbars codes change to limited on 01.01.2018
      • External cover codes change to limited on 01.01.2018
      • Segregation codes change to limited on 01.01.2018.


      Product phases classification could be different in the various countries.
      The indications herewith given are valid for all countries, except China and India.

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