Tmax® XT Retrofit Kits for Spectra™ Plug-in Panelboards and Switchboards

ABB can offer the new Tmax® XT retrofit kits for legacy GE Spectra™ plug-in breakers installed in Spectra™ panelboards and switchboards. 
This new offering leverages the extensive GE Spectra™ installed base to upgrade the end user’s existing panelboards and switchboards to the latest MCCB technology and extend the useful life of existing equipment. 
This retrofit kit thus allows the customer to sustainably incorporate advanced protection, measurement and automation features into their existing electrical distribution system. 
Furthermore, as a UL-recognized kit, the customer can maintain the UL listing of their equipment without additional charges. 

Let’s see what the value propositions are:

Reduced project and labor costs

  •  Retain existing panelboards and switchboards, conduits, cabling, and footprint
  •  Maintain UL listings without additional charges

Update your installation

  • Update your Spectra™ Panelboards and Switchboards with the latest in circuit breaker technology
  • Gain the latest capabilities in circuit protection, communications, and predictive maintenance technology

Get what you need – when you need it 

  • You run lean, you need replacement parts today. Our wide network of distributors gives you access to the products you need when you need them 


  • Minimize natural resource usage and CO2 emissions by extending the lifespan of existing panelboards and switchboards
  • Upgrade your electrical system while reusing your existing Spectra™ plug-in modules
  • Optimize energy usage with the latest in energy monitoring and management technology 

Keep Running

  • Your operation is critical. Your goal is to extend the life of your installation. These Tmax® XT Retrofit kits keep your Spectra™ boards operational and help to minimize costs due to downtime

Product Details 

The Tmax® XT Spectra™ Plug-In Retrofit kits include all necessary hardware to replace Spectra™ breakers with Tmax® XT MCCBs into Spectra™ switchboards and panelboards using the existing Spectra™ plug-in modules. Retrofit kits will also include filler panels to replace the paneling on existing boards. Where necessary, the retrofit kits will also include door adaption kits to accommodate the Kirk Key dimensions on the new breaker.

Kits are available for the following configurations:

  • 125A Dual-mounted: Spectra E to Tmax® XT1

  • 150A Dual-mounted: Spectra E to Tmax® XT4

  • 250A Dual-mounted: Spectra F to Tmax® XT4

  • 250A Single-mounted: Spectra F to Tmax® XT4

  • 600A Dual-mounted: Spectra G to Tmax® XT5

  • 600A Single-mounted: Spectra G to Tmax® XT5

  • 1200A Single-mounted: Spectra K to Tmax® XT7

Please note that the replacement Tmax® XT breaker must be purchased separately.

The product brochure contains the necessary details to configure a breaker compatible with the retrofit kit. Please also note that in some cases, the published Tmax® XT replacement breakers may have interrupting ratings that exceed the legacy Spectra™ breaker’s rating. In these cases, the replacement breaker will be de-rated accordingly on the labeling provided with the retrofit kit to match the legacy installation.

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