Protection against overvoltage

Overvoltages can quickly occur even when the thunderstorm is far away. TV, video and Hi-Fi systems or the PC react very sensitively to voltage peaks in the mains network, to indirect lightning strokes or faults in the network.

By a simple exchange of the socket outlets one's devices can be protected. The Busch-Protector® safely arrests the overvoltage and so protects against damage. Even if the insurance pays - it does not replace the lost data of the computer. The Busch-Protector® offers protection in three stages for different types of networks.
Main benefits
  • No need for replacement
  • No need to go without devices (such as TV or PC)
  • No need to wait on the insurance for the money for replacement, if insurance was actualy taken out
  • Saving of costs and nerves

Main features

  • With overvoltage protection
  • With integrated and external signalling contact
  • Effectively reduces overvoltage peaks occurring between the sub-distribution switch board and SCHUKO® socket outlet


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