Ideal protection against life-threatening body currents

While current is useful, it can also be very hazardous. When moisture appears in the bathroom, a socket outlet with an earth leakage circuit breaker can be useful. It isolates the current in milliseconds when necessary.

Life-threatening body currents can arise, for example, due to damaged cables, moisture or defective devices. When necessary, the earth leakage circuit breaker isolates the voltage in the socket outlet instantly and reliably. The socket outlet is also ideally suited for kitchens, hobby rooms, cellars and gardens. If the electrical network of a house is not suited for the installation of a central residual current circuit breaker, this socket outlet is the ideal solution since it fulfils the protective safety measures without having to renew the entire electrical installation. 

The new FI-SCHUKOMAT with reduced height

Now as flat as a socket outlet.

Main benefits
  • Easy to retrofit, as surface-mounted or flush-mounted version
  • Protection against hazardous body currents
  • Operationally safe since only the socket outlet is without voltage after being triggered and not the entire electric circuit

Main features

  • Surface-mounted version is available also in IP 44
  • With integrated shutter according to VDE 0664
  • Installation regulation DIN VDE 0100


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