Boarding for digitalization

A journey through intelligent electrical distribution for smarter buildings

Digital technologies are changing the world we are living in and they strongly influence electric infrastructures.

In order to answer demanding market needs for energy efficiency, sustainability, reliability and renewable energy sources requirements, ABB is leveraging new digital technologies and solutions.


Join the one week digital journey


Fasten your seat belts, we're taking off!




The topics of the journey

Our digital journey will span nine topics for more than 8 hours of contents, from the main trends in smart electrical distribution to unveiling new architectures and concepts, with related new products and solutions.

In this journey you will:


get an overview of the main trends, customer needs, Standards and local regulations about electrical distribution in buildings


learn how ABB is a step ahead thanks to digital solutions and architectures tailored to maximize continuity of service, energy efficiency and flexibility


discover the ABB intelligent distribution architectures for Commercial and Industrial buildings, Hospitals, Metro and Railway stations and Data Centers



For additional information about our intelligent distribution solutions, visit the dedicated website at this LINK

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