Microgrids to face emergencies

No more blackouts. Microgrids take charge working 24/7/365

Everything works unless there is electricity, but:

•  Storms
In the Gulf Coast every year 1.3 million of people go out of power due to seasonal storms.

•  Wildfires

In December 2017, a Thomas fire due to powerlines burned 281,893 acres impacting more than 1000 structures in California.

•  Earthquakes

In February 2011 a 6.3-magnitude earthquake struck New Zealand. In Christchurch, over 80 percent of the city (approximately 160,000 customers) lost power.

What happens if a hurricane comes during pandemic?

Sandy storm cut off power to more than 8.5 million customers in 21 States of the USA. More than 57,000 crews of workers across North America were deployed. If a similar event happens again during pandemic times, it would be not easy to manage help from outside. Emergencies reorganize investment priorities, looking at service continuity mainly for critical power plants like:
•  hospitals
•  banks
•  datacenters

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