Selected Optimized Coordination – SOC tool

Coordination tables for motor protection, selectivity, back-up and other protection devices

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Selected Optimized Coordination – SOC

The SOC tool provides coordination tables that allow you to find the correct combination. This tool, through a simple selection of elements, instantly shows the most suitable solutions. The software allows you to print the pages and to export according to your needs.

Protecting electrical equipment against ''short circuits'' requires proper selection of various devices: molded case circuit breakers or miniature circuit breakers, switch fuses, manual motor starters, contactors, overload relays, motor controllers, softstarters, drives, etc.

All stakeholders such as designers, consultants, OEMs, panel builders and end-users need to:

  • Select the appropriate and optimized selectivity and back-up coordination between ''short circuit'' protection devices
  • Implement the properly tested and approved combination of devices to control and protect motors according to IEC or UL standards.

The SOC tool provides a new smart search to define the optimal set of protection devices for your application, helping to ensure performance and durability.



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