IEC indoor SF6 gas-vacuum multifunction apparatus HySec

Making your solution simpler

HySec comprises the functions of three different devices: circuit breaker, line disconnector and earthing switch. It is ideal for use in medium voltage switchgear for secondary distribution.

Key benefits

  • Increased personnel safety thanks to metallic partition class and integrated interlocks
  • Robust mechanical design allowing SF6 sealed-for-life and 10,000 close-open operations , providing a long-lasting solution
  • Panel footprint reduced by more than 30 percent with respect to standard solutions due to integrated multifunctions and compact design
  • Fast and easy assembly inside the panel with only one product to be mounted and connected
  • Reduced panel material by 15 percent and assembly time by 10 percent compared with a standard solution breaker-switch

Key feautures

  • All-in-one circuit breaker, disconnector and earthing switch
  • Integrated interlocks to prevent unsafe operations
  • Sealed-for-life enclosure filled with SF6
  • Epoxy resin upper cover for compactness; fits 500 mm wide panels
  • Stainless steel lower cover for metallic partition panels without earthing bar
  • Integrated capacitive dividers on cable side for voltage presence indication systems

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