ANSI indoor current-limiting fuse CIL

Full range capacitor fuse

Product description

The CIL fuse is a full range, current limiting capacitor fuse, 5.5-23 kV, 6-65 A


  • Capable to control full range of overload currents
  • Reduces fuse replacement cost to the price of NEMA type K fuse link when low current interruption occurs
  • Significantly reduces maximum expected value of short circuit currents that increase isolation life time
  • Especially applicable on those capacitor banks where parallel energy is more than 20 kilo-joules or 6,000 kVAR

Key features

  • Fuse voltage ratings of 5.5 kV, 8.3 kV,15.5 kV and 23 kV
  • The CIL fuse is full range, current limiting, indicating, and disconnecting

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